Jake Caputo

#6 -- Duke University -- Defensive Midfielder

Why I Use JackalJaw:

  • "This will be my 3rd season wearing Jackal."
  • "When we first got them, I thought it was just another chinstrap, but it's a lot more comfortable, it fits your face very well and with safety becoming a big part of the game, I just feel more safe and more secure wearing this chinstrap."
  • "The chinstrap really hasn't been upgraded and it's a big improvement over the last one."
  • "While I'm playing, it's formed to my face, so as a defensive midfielder, if I give him a hard jam or lean my head into his shoulder, I feel like my face is super steady, I'm not really moving around compared to the old chinstrap I felt like it was a little loose, and my head had some wiggle."
  • "At the start, I wasn't sure about this extra pad right here, but once you put it on, you don't even notice it at all."
  • "The material on the chinstrap is so much softer that you'll never scratched up like you do with some of the old ones."
  • "If you look at a helmet from the 1970's, everything else has been modified, except the chinstrap and I think there was room for innovation and Jackal Jaw did a really good job hitting on all those main points."


  • Hometown: Apex, NC
  • High School: Middle Creek
  • College: Duke University
  • Club: Team 91 Long Island
  • International: U.S. U-21 Men’s National Team Gold Medalist


    Caputo is part of a 4-piece SSDM unit that loves playing a ton of lacrosse: Causing TO's with two-handed jams, getting grounders, firing up and out, linking play.  Jake's positioning is a real strength, he takes aggressive angles, covers distance, times well-weighted checks. His skill-level & IQ are focused. He's been helping the team for a long time.  This is a Special Unit.  

    Player Profile:


    All-ACC Academic Team

    Played in all 19 games as a Defensive Midfielder, integral piece of the defense that ranked 2nd in the ACC 

    Caused 7 TO's

    Scored 1 Goal & 2 Assists

    8 Ground Balls


    Played in 15 games as a Defensive Midfielder

    Caused 7 TO's

    Scored 4 goals

    3 Ground Balls


    Played in 16 games as a Defensive Midfielder

    Caused 2 TO's

    Scored 2 Goals & 1 Assist

    15 Ground Balls

    Duke defense ranked 2nd in the ACC and 19th nationally in scoring defense.


    Played in 8 games as a Defensive Midfielder

    Caused 1 TO

    Scored 1 Goal

    4 Ground Balls