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For the Last Half Century [50+ Years] Lacrosse Has Had No Change to the Helmet's Chin Strap. Jackal Jaw was Built to Address Every Antiquated Problem of the Old-Fashioned Leather Strap. By Researching Critical Elements, Creating New Technology, & Executing Data-Driven Solutions to Safety, Performance, & Comfort, We Were Able to Build Into the Sport's Need for Full Facial Protection, Healthier Skin, & Greater Helmet Retention & Alignment During Impacts. All Standardized Testing Has Been Completed. Secondary Testing Trials Were Created to Prove the Blunt Jaw Impact Force Absorption Capabilities of Jackal Jaw's JX1 When Directly Compared to the Traditional 50-Year Old Chin Strap. These Trials Resulted in an Overall Decrease Across Key Metrics When Jackal Jaw was Worn. Players Decide Their Level of Head Protection.

We Are Here -- And Have Been in the Sport of Lacrosse, Protecting Players at the Professional, Collegiate, & High School Level For Years.


Laboratory Tests & Data Sets

NOCSAE Testing Results- PASSED

All Performance Specifications set forth by NOCSAE were passed with the use of Jackal Jaw's JX1 in accordance with all Standardized Tests and use of current NOCSAE-certified helmets from each helmet manufacturer. Testing details below, along with results from novel Blunt Jaw Impact Force Absorption Testing between Jackal Jaw and the Old-Fashioned Chin Strap.

NOCSAE Testing Protocol Results

The Jackal Jaw JX1 is an unaffiliated, independent aftermarket chinstrap for use in the sport of field lacrosse. Jackal Jaw is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise partnered with any lacrosse helmet manufacturer. NOCSAE does not have a category for add-on equipment. Therefore, Jackal Jaw's JX1 is not eligible for NOCSAE certification on its own. For this reason, we had a NOCSAE certified laboratory test Jackal Jaw's JX1 according to the proper protocols to ensure its use did not affect the helmet’s ability to pass the NOCSAE standard. All helmets tested passed the requirements for recertification with Jackal Jaw's JX1. Jackal Jaw's JX1 was tested on the NOCSAE Lacrosse ND041-15m18 Twin-Wire Drop Test using the recommended NOCSAE headform. Jackal Jaw's JX1 test results remained below the peak Severity Index (SI) threshold of 1200 SI for all locations and drop velocities set by NOCSAE, including each of the 11.34 ft/s tests not to exceed 300 SI. Jackal Jaw's JX1 was tested on the NOCSAE Lacrosse ND041-15m18 Helmet Stability/ Retention Testing (Chin Cup). Using the correct NOCSAE headform, the JX1 underwent positional stability tests. Upon completion of the tests, each helmet remained on the headform, as required. Jackal Jaw's JX1 was tested on the ND045-17m17b NOCSAE Lacrosse Standard Impact Test using the recommended NOCSAE headform. This test impacts the helmet’s facemask at 70 mph at two locations using a NOCSAE-certified lacrosse ball. All NOCSAE lacrosse helmet certification tests were completed with current NOCSAE-certified helmets from each manufacturer. All performance specifications were passed when using Jackal Jaw's JX1.

Blunt Mandible Impact Test Results

Jackal Jaw's JX1 was tested on a Blunt Mandible Impact Test Battery using the Hybrid III headform with embedded mandible sensors. The headform was impacted directly on the lower mandibular region with a linear ram impactor. When tested against the traditional leatherette chinstrap, Jackal Jaw's JX1 decreased overall metric values of Peak Rotational Acceleration (Rad/s2), Peak G-Force (G), Mandible Force (LBF), and Head Injury Criterion (HIC15) on each of the five incremental speeds tested (1.9 m/s, 3 m/s, 3.5 m/s, 4.1 m/s, 5.1 m/s). To date, these decreased metrics represent the largest data gap between Jackal Jaw's proprietary force dissipation technology and the traditional leatherette lacrosse chinstrap.

Jackal Jaw's JX1 was tested on a Blunt Mandible Impact Projectile Test Battery using the Hybrid III headform. The headform was impacted directly on the lower mandibular region with a NOCSAE-certified lacrosse ball at 70 mph, 85 mph, and 100 mph. Jackal Jaw's JX1 decreased overall metric values of Peak Rotational Acceleration (rad/s2), Peak Linear Acceleration (PLA), Peak Rotational Velocity (rad/s), and Head Injury Criterion (HIC15) when compared to the traditional leatherette chinstrap.

Lacrosse is a dangerous sport. Serious and potentially fatal injuries can occur; including traumatic brain injuries, facial lacerations, mandible fractures, subdural hematomas, skull fractures, dental damage, neck injuries and death. Sports equipment cannot protect players from sustaining catastrophic injuries.

Proven On-Field.

Players in the modern game are taking their safety and performance as seriously as ever. Jackal Jaw has been field-proven through years of full-speed contact at the most physically demanding & highest performing levels of lacrosse. Division I, II, III, HS & Pro players are choosing to protect their head & jaw in full with new Jackal technology. With refined anatomical-contour & soft-touch materials, Jackal Jaw gives advanced stability & comfort, making the JX1 virtually incomparable. Helmet retention has been optimized through ergonomic & material science. When impacts occur, Jackal helps secure the attachment of the helmet.

Every. Component. Considered.

Jackal Jaw was created to fill a massive gap in head impact exposure. Over the last several years, Jackal has worked hand-in-hand with industrial designers, mechanical engineers, material scientists, medical professionals, lab science personnel, athletic trainers, equipment managers, top pro/collegiate lacrosse players & their coaching staffs in order to execute a fully-vetted model type for high-intensity physical play. The build was critical, thorough, and has become a must-have for the best players in the game.

Iteration, After Iteration.

New products can approach the market in two ways. The first, push product to market & fix along the way. The second, Jackal's path, is to complete the process in full before entering the market. This meant a complete scope of IP creation, protection, design development & engineering, material strength testing, lab data testing (both standardized & progressive batteries), while field testing in parallel the entire way. We worked iteration after iteration to find the highest levels of protection, comfort, & performance possible. Taking on a necessary form never before seen.

No Compromises

The choices made while building Jackal always remained player-focused. Soft-touch durable materials, skin-comforting textures, high-intensity impact absorption, alignment contouring. Each aspect took time & testing. The fact remains that the intensity of the modern field game demands novel head safety protection, not a small piece of leather stitched to two straps adopted over a half-century ago.




Our material properties allow for a lower thermal index -- providing a more stable temperature range across all weather conditions.

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Anatomical Comfort

By contouring the geometry around the human jaw, we were able to solve multiple problems with the traditional chinstrap. Our ergonomic platform allows natural comfort without overlapping seams, low quality materials, and harsh stitching surfaces. Players can now wear their chinstrap properly while staying comfortable, protected, and without restriction. The JX1 gives players enhanced helmet alignment and moves in-tandem for a noticeably higher performance feel.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Jackal Jaw spent years selecting, prototyping, and testing materials to find the most comfortable, durable, and highest lab performing density profiles available. We integrate antimicrobial additives to abate skin infections and texture all surfaces for a soft-touch feel. Every element of Jackal is in the player's favor. From protection, to comfort, to the precision of the build itself.

Moisture Release Channels

At the base of the impact plate, open-air columns strategically channel sweat away from the skin to release freely during play. Up top, continuous air flow to the chin promotes quick sweat evaporation, less material friction, and a reduction in harmful irritation. We value player's skin health and improved comfort through our design & tech.

Enhanced Helmet Performance

With quick-drying components to manage moisture, the JX1 remains in place throughout the entirety of a play. By eliminating moisture build up, players no longer have to worry about their helmet dislodging during impacts. The JX1 is build to keep the helmet centered, the skin healthy, and the player protected. The JX1 is built for impact.