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Introducing the JX1.

Unlike any product on the market, Jackal Jaw steps outside antiquated helmet straps to offer new patented technology -- prioritizing player comfort, performance, and protection.




The unique material properties of the JX1 allow for a lower thermal index -- providing a stable temperature range in all weather conditions.

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Force Absorption

Comfort Design

Using our contoured design to prioritize comfort, players can wear their chinstrap properly, without restriction or irritation. The JX1's design allows for better on-field helmet retention, easier communication, and a higher performance feel.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Down to the molecular level, Jackal Jaw’s advanced materials work to repel bacteria build up that causes odor and skin irritation.The anti-microbial, non-porous nature of the product repels sweat and can be easily washed. These carefully selected materials also ensure durability and maximize longevity. 

Moisture Release Channels

Strategically positioned open-air columns below the chin allows moisture to release freely during play. Continuous airflow through the front and bottom of the chin promotes quick evaporation, less friction, and reduces skin irritation.

Healthier Skin

The JX1’s quick drying components allow players to feel comfortable for the entirety of play. By eliminating moisture build up, the JX1 decreases abrasive friction between material and skin. Designed to last, the JX1 requires no specialized care.


Lab Testing & Data Sets

Lab Data Tests & Results

Jackal Jaw is an unaffiliated, independent aftermarket chinstrap for use in the sport of field lacrosse only. Jackal Jaw is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise partnered with any lacrosse helmet manufacturer.

Jackal Jaw's JX1 has undergone lab testing at a NOCSAE-Certified testing facility. The JX1 was tested on all leading helmet models available on the market today using the following standard lab tests: NOCSAE Lacrosse NC041-15m18 Twin-Wire Drop Test using the recommended NOCSAE Headform. The JX1’s test results remained below the peak Severity Index (SI) threshold of 1200 SI for all locations and drop velocities set forth by NOCSAE, including each of the 11.34 ft/s tests to not exceed 300 SI. In addition, each of the JX1’s testing results fell below the SI approximated value range stated by NOCSAE as being “essentially immeasurable to the change of injury risk.”

The JX1 was tested on the NOCSAE Lacrosse NC041-15m18 Helmet Stability/ Retention Testing (Chin Cup). Using the correct NOCSAE Headform, the JX1 underwent a positional stability test. The helmet remained on the Headform upon completion of the test, as required.

The JX1 was tested on the ND045-17m17b NOCSAE Lacrosse Standard Impact Attenuation Test using the recommended NOCSAE Headform. These projectile tests impact the helmet’s facemask with a lacrosse ball at 70mph in two locations, At the Nose & At the Eye. While the JX1 strap does not interact with the facemask, it was important to execute each NOCSAE test in full.

The JX1 was tested on the NFL Player's Association 8-Point Linear Ram Impactor using the Hybrid III Headform. In addition to measuring Severity Index (SI), Linear Acceleration (G), and Head Injury Criterion (HIC), the Hybrid III Headform measures Rotational Acceleration (rad/s2) upon impact. The JX1 decreased the overall average of rotational acceleration when compared to the traditional leatherette chinstrap.

The JX1 was tested on a Direct Impact Projectile Test Battery, impacting the jaw with a lacrosse ball at 70mph, 85mph, and 100mph utilizing the Hybrid III Headform. When compared to the traditional leatherette chinstrap, the JX1's decrease in rotational acceleration (rad/s2) metrics proved to be the most significant of any lab test executed throughout all lab trials.

Lacrosse is a dangerous sport. Serious and potentially fatal injuries can occur; including traumatic brain injuries, mandible fractures, subdural hematomas, skull fractures, and death. Sports equipment, such as Jackal Jaw’s JX1, cannot protect players from these injuries.