Liam McLane

#16 -- Duke University -- Attack

Why I Use JackalJaw:

  • "My favorite thing about Jackal Jaw is when I'm getting up to 5x5, most of the time the defenseman's stick will come up underneath your helmet and I'll see guys helmets coming halfway off their face, sometimes fully off, but when I switched to Jackal Jaw, I found that when's someone's stick is getting up under there, my head still stays tight to my helmet, and my chinstrap doesn't come up over my face and I can still keep playing. It's a huge advantage there."
  • "Another thing I love is the way that it fit my face when I first put it on. It sits way nicer on your chin. With those old chinstraps that haven't changed in years, they would move all around your face. With Jackal, there's this nice pocket and your chin just sits in it and feels really secure. The materials are super soft so it just feels really nice on your face."
  • "With old chinstraps, there's nothing there, so you'll get cut up and hit but with this, it just soaks the check and keeps your helmet locked in place."
  • "With the old chinstrap, when I was shooting, there was this helmet rattle when you snap around and snap your head, the helmet would just shift around, but with Jackal Jaw, it keeps your head locked in so when you're shooting, your helmet moves with you."
  • "Jackal just feels way smoother and way cleaner on my skin."


  • Hometown: Harrison, NY
  • High School: Rye Country Day / Taft
  • College: Duke University
  • Club: Predators


    McLane is a right-handed attackman with a quick release.  He's taken his opportunities on the offensive side of the field and looks to build on a successful team season in '24.  

    Player Profile:


    ACC Academic Honor Roll

    Played in 6 Games

    Scored 2 Goals / 1 Assist

    Collected 2 Ground Balls

    Caused 1 TO


    ACC Academic Honor Roll

    Played in 8 Games

    Scored 2 Goals / 1 Assist


    Post-graduate year at the Taft School

    All-FAA Honors & All-New England West II 

    2019 & 2020 Under Armour Underclass All-American

    2019 USA Select U17 Development Team