Michael Long

#1 -- Cornell University -- Attack

Why I Use JackalJaw:

  • "I've been running Jackal for a year now."
  • "I've always been a Gearhead, always looked out for what the new companies are putting out, innovating. Everything has changed a ton since I started playing lacrosse. When I first saw this product, it kind of hit me, this is the one piece I haven't seen change one slight bit across any brand or any version of the helmet."
  • "You go through it, every feature of this, whether it's the numbers on the straps, the holes, the jaw support, it's in the players favor. It's a product I can fully get behind."
  • "I think the biggest thing is that the fit stays consistent the whole time you wear this. You get a little bit of range of motion from these top straps and what that does is just be able to keep those things tight and you can dial in your tilt, however much you need."
  • "When I first threw it on the helmet, my first thoughts were, one, I'm locked in, and two, this feels like a product that is made for the human jaw."
  • "This isn't the same chinstrap my Dad was using in the 80's."
  • "This is a specialized product, that was my first draw."
  • "From the first time I put it on, I noticed the difference."
  • "Felt right, felt like something I could use."
  • "I don't see myself changing back."


  • Hometown: Mendham, NJ
  • High School: Delbarton School (NJ)
  • College: Cornell University
  • Club: Patriot Elite


    Team Captain.  

    Mikey plays with an urgency and precision few can match. He'll link play between middies and attack at speed & with efficiency.  He'll initiate from X & the wing, but also stay positioned tightly to cage when necessary. He's elusive with movement and has a rapid release on his shot.  He spaces well, works different arcs, and makes very quick decisions.  Long's high shooting/pass percentage/low turnover rate gives Cornell's combatant O high efficiency.  He can poach and balance the O.  Always looking to give teammates another option. 

    Player Profile:


    2x Team Captain '23 & '24

    4-Year Starter

    All-Ivy Honorable Mention

    2x Ivy League Regular Season Champion 


    2022 National Finalist


    2x Ivy League Rookie of the Week

    Cornell Men's Lacrosse Rookie of the Year

    College Crosse All-Freshman Team


    USA High School All-American

    Under Armor All-American

    New Jersey Player of the Year '19

    Delbarton School All-Time Leading Scorer