JX1 Lacrosse Chin Strap


The JX1 now gives lacrosse players the choice of modernized comfort, performance, & protection. Reengineered with anatomical contour, soft-touch materials, & Jackal Jaw's Dual-Flex Protection Platform -- the JX1 combines flexible, ultra-durable components with ergonomic protection of the jaw, an otherwise fully exposed facial bone. Textured materials with injected anti-microbial additives abate skin rash while the JX1's helmet stability & alignment tech eliminate strap slack & bowing. Every major shortcoming has been corrected through extensive on-field & lab testing to enhanced performance, comfort, and protection. Players can now choose a lightweight & breathable product to dial in for every practice, every game.

  • Key Advantages
    • Soft-Touch Textured Materials w/ Dura-Flex
    • Increased Airflow / Moisture Release for Skin Health
    • Materials- Hydrophobic / Hypoallergenic / Antimicrobial
    • Impact-Absorption Tech Contoured Underneath Jawline
    • Anatomically Sculpted for the Human Face
    • Numeric-Strap Markers for Symmetrical Fit
    • Engineered to Enhance Helmet Retention on Impact
    • < 20* in Upper Strap Articulation, Eliminating Strap Slack
    • Universal Helmet Fit
  • Specifications & Sizing
    • Adult L/XL (160lbs. & Above)
  • FAQ

    How to attach the JX1?
    First, place the JX1 on your chin without your helmet on.  This will give you a sense of how it will feel once attached.  There should be at least 2 finger-widths of clearance between the inner surface of the lower central padding below the chin cup and your neck.  The jaw pads should extend to protect your jawline in its entirety. With your helmet on, adjust the upper two straps, then the lower two straps using the designated strap markers to ensure a symmetrical fit.  When attached properly, the JX1 should be comfortable with slight even tension across the surface of all four straps.  No strap should have any bowing or excess slack. 

    Can I clean my Jackal Jaw?
    We recommend rinsing your JX1 as needed with cold water and scrubbing gently with mild soap.

    Can I use it on helmets for other sports?
    Jackal Jaw's JX1 model is only recommended for use with field lacrosse helmets.

Jackal Jaw was built to protect the players at full speed. It was built to protect the sport and to keep players on the field, healthy, and as safe as possible.

Ventilated Construction

Jackal Jaw Combines Innovative Materials with Distinctive Design to Maximize Breathability. The JX1 Increases Evaporative Airflow, Preventing Liquid Buildup on the Face--Reducing Friction & Skin Irritation.

Form Fitting Design

Intentionally Crafted at Every Phase to Ensure Maximum Stability & Comfort, the JX1 Utilizes Flexible Materials to Create a Customized Fit to Every Face. Jackal Jaw Allows You to Move More Efficiently.

Hypoallergenic Materials

To Reduce Skin Irritation Caused by Bacterial Buildup & Abrasive Friction, the JX1's Materials are Hypoallergenic, Hydrophobic, Antimicrobial, & Non-Porous. Jackal Deflects Sweat, Dries Quickly, & Rinses Off Easily.

Unmatched Comfort.
Uncompromised Protection.

Jackal Jaw's JX1 has a Dual-Layer Design Providing Novel Protection Under the Jawline, an Otherwise Exposed Area of the Face in the Sport of Lacrosse. Impacts to the Head, Neck, and Jaw Occur at Rapid Rates in Field Lacrosse. Through Years of Research, Design Process, Material Selection, Lab Testing, Field Testing, and Market Need, Jackal Jaw Now Gives Players, Parents, and Coaches the Choice to Protect Lacrosse Players in Full. Anatomically Contoured Around the Human Jaw. There is nothing comparable out there.

Responsive Elasticity

Flexible in every direction, the JX1 responds to player movement without compromising structure, protection, or stability. The adaptive design reacts seamlessly for rapid shape recovery.

Sculpted Contouring

The molded chin cup and sculpted jaw padding--anatomically contoured to form fit--allows for equal parts comfort, protection, and performance.

Designed To Dissipate Blunt Impacts

Ergonomically Engineered to Distribute & Dissipate Forces from Impacts to the Jaw. The JX1’s Anatomical Design Creates Elastic Deformation to Protect the Jaw Bone from Full-Force Blunt Impacts. Our Material Science Allows for Hit After Hit Without Compromise.

Unobstructed Range of Motion

On the Field, Nothing is More Important Than a Player's Motion. The JX1 is Sculpted to Achieve Universal Fit Without Affecting Your Range of Motion. Our Dual-Layer Padding System is Positioned Below the Jaw, Never Interfering With Your Natural Movement. Protection is There When Needed.

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With Jackaljaw
Without Jackaljaw

Chin ProtectionYesNo
Jaw ProtectionYesNo
Ventilated Design
Anatomical AlignmentYesNo
Upper Strap ArticulationYesNo
Strap MarkersYesNo
FitErgonomic / Modern Out-of-Date
Hydrophobic / Soft-Touch / Textured
Stitched Faux Leather
Helmet AttachmentUniversal Attachment