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Michael Sowers

Jackal Jaw @ 2022-08-12 13:25:59 -0400

Bio: Hometown: Drescher, PA High School: Upper Dublin College: Princeton & Duke University Pro: Dawgs International: 2023 USA Men's Lacrosse Team Gold Medalist Strengths: Lightning COD, Deceptive Decision-Maker, O-Initiator, Pinpoint Accurate, Ambi-Dodger, Fearless.  Sowers' Crafts Together Vision, Agility, Pass%, Lo-TO%.  Big Play Player with a Team Mentality. Indisputable 1/1. Player Profile: Team USA - Attack/Midfield '23 Pro Championship MVP '22 Pro Champion '22 Pro Runner-Up '23 Pro Post-Season Points Leader '23 2x - Pro All-Star '22, '23 2nd Overall Pro Draft Pick '21 2x - 1st Team All-American 3x - All Ivy League  Jackal Jaw Pro   (Cont'd Testimonial on Jackal Jaw from Sowers) "I think...

Jake Naso

Jackal Jaw @ 2023-10-24 12:08:19 -0400

Bio: Hometown: Holtsville, NY High School: St. Anthony's College: Duke University Club: LI Legacy International:  U.S. U-21 Men’s National Team Gold Medalist Strengths: Duke's Top Faceoff Specialist all four years. Naso is a 'Go-Every-Time' player. Technical, Strong, Fast Agile Movements, Intense Pace. Full-speed, all-day.  Jake's success at the X has pasted almost everyone else's. He's a master at his craft, one which has only become more competitive & more demanding as the game gets faster. They send out a Warhorse to the X every time.  Naso pushes transition down the cylinder without hesitation. His accolades speak for themselves.  He's one of the best to do it.  This season will...

Will Frisoli

Jackal Jaw @ 2023-10-25 15:17:47 -0400

Bio: Hometown: Westwood, MA High School: St. Sebastian's School College: Duke University Club: Laxachusetts Strengths: Frisoli's hand & foot speed allow him to hunt the ball all game. Relentless stick pressure & foot matching -- he compliments the rope, stays ahead of plays, is quick to react, & sound to execute. Will is a top cover LSM, grabs grounders all game, open field plays, blitzes guys box-to-box, and covers distance. Scores/Assists.  He'll push and he'll protect possession as he plays hard in a top-tier ACC defensive midfield unit.  Player Profile: 2023: All-ACC Academic Team Played in all 19 games as a Longstick Midfielder 37 Ground...

Jake Caputo

Jackal Jaw @ 2023-10-25 11:05:00 -0400

Bio: Hometown: Apex, NC High School: Middle Creek College: Duke University Club: Team 91 Long Island International: U.S. U-21 Men’s National Team Gold Medalist Strengths: Caputo is part of a 4-piece SSDM unit that loves playing a ton of lacrosse: Causing TO's with two-handed jams, getting grounders, firing up and out, linking play.  Jake's positioning is a real strength, he takes aggressive angles, covers distance, times well-weighted checks. His skill-level & IQ are focused. He's been helping the team for a long time.  This is a Special Unit.   Player Profile: 2023: All-ACC Academic Team Played in all 19 games as a Defensive Midfielder, integral piece of the defense...

Keith Boyer

Jackal Jaw @ 2023-10-24 16:19:10 -0400

Bio:   Hometown: Yorktown Heights, NY High School: Yorktown High School College: Duke University Club: Prime Time Strengths: Starting defenseman on Duke's formidable line.  Boyer's IQ, foot speed, and off-ball awareness earned him a place on one of the country's best defensive units.  He has a tough, no-excuse mindset allowing him to play aggressively on and off ball.   Player Profile: 2023: Starting Close Defensemen on Duke's Final Four Run ending on Memorial Day Registered 25 GB's and 8 Caused Turnovers  2022: Ran both LSM and Close D through 11 games.  

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